Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cautiously Curious Bee

Bee has made great strides in the first few days here. He is a cautiously curious hound. He wants to see and smell everything, but wants to do it at his pace. Every time I am carrying something in my hands he has to come and check it out, hoping it is something yummy for him.
Bee is only 2, still a young teenager, so it is understandable that he is unsure of everything but very interested at the same time. I figured out that if I open things or make things available, he will explore it on his own time and feel safer. For example with the backyard I now just open the door and leave it open for him and head outside. After a few seconds he comes out to be with us. Sometimes he goes back inside when he hears sudden noises, but he'll usually come back out. Last night he had a zoom session outside at last turnout in the dark! This boy has an iron stomach (no soft poo, yay!!) and has had no accident at all.

I used the same method with the garage and van; leaving the door to it open and letting him explore, and cautiously he did for many minutes, then coming back into the house, and back out again. I'm happy that this way works for him because I don't like forcing him in or out of anything if I can avoid it.

He still refuses to go into the crate, and since he is 100% housebroken, I am taking it slow and not making him go in there. If I need to, I just baby gate him in the bedroom. Unlike most people, we live in our bedroom, so it is surprising he likes to be with us and the loud TV/computers instead of a different room that is quiet.

There is so much to report with handsome Bee, but I will keep this post short(ish) and end with some vids; sorry that some of it is dark, the bedroom corner doesn't get as much light.

Bee's first kong (not frozen because he doesn't know how to eat a frozen one, lol) Notice how he pulls away when I try to place the kong closer to him, but then continues to enjoy it when I move back.

This boy loves toys. For now he is afraid of the squeakers, so good thing Lucy removes them all!

A toy playing roach :)

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