Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome Skeeter Bee!

We got our new foster: Bee. He is 72 lbs, brindle and oh so handsome. Bee is on the shy side. He is definitely not a spook because he will let me pet him, settled in for the car ride after a few minutes and has not hidden in the kennel at all... In fact, he doesn't really want to get in it.
He paces a lot. I think he paced about a mile in our 900 sq. ft. top floor (I like to wait and introduce the stairs and walk-out basement after he settles in for a day or two).
Bee came to us on a bad day for a shy dog. We had a work crew in our backyard installing the city's new fiber optics so there was a lot of noise.

He is afraid to go outside and potty (I think because of noises like motorcycles, cars, lawn mowers) so I have to drag him out there, but he would only pee and not defecate. After several attempts and many hours later I decided to let him off leash outside. He went back to the door to be let in, but after a few minutes he did trot around and go #2, yay! I guess he doesn't like to pooh on lead?

There are pros too. The cutest thing is the fact that he smelled everything in his reach several times and takes his time checking the item out. He is not afraid of slippery floors because he walks in the kitchen and bathroom a lot. He uses the three steps into the house wonderfully (hopefully this will transfer to the stairs inside). He did greyt on a short walk with the weims; he didn't even flinch when he saw a girl riding her bike past us. He is not afraid of TV and computer sounds. With every passing hour Bee is relaxing a bit more. It will be fun and rewarding to see him come out of his shell. I did not take pictures of him, just stills on my flip cam so that I didn't scare him with the camera flash.

Bee would do best in a home with another dog to give him confidence.

The weims give Skeeter Bee 8 paws up thus far.


  1. yay trang! the new foster! looks adorable! a brindle too ... sooooo cute!

  2. What a handsome brindle boy! Love him already. I look forward to hearing more about him as he discovers how greyt it is to have a home. :)

  3. Welcome Skeeter Bee. You are adorable.
    Love Ruby & Penny